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The History Of Medals

The History of Medals and Why They Are Still Important

Medals have been used for centuries to acknowledge achievements, accomplishments, and prestige. These typically consisted of a metallic object that varied in composition. Some were set in gold, while others were set in silver, and some in copper or other metals. They typically contained a design that described the origin and reason why they were awarded, and most of them had a sentimental value that exceeded the monetary value. Today, they are commonly used for commemorative purposes. They do not count so much in terms of monetary value.

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Glass Sandblasting And Its Uses

What Is Glass Sandblasting and What Is It Used For?

Imprinting images on glass have been used for a long time. In olden times, rather primitive tools were used to scrape the surface of glass to create images. These were particularly popular in royal circles where the family crest was often embedded and displayed on glasses and decanters.

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Why Invest In Corporate Gifts?

3 Good Reasons to Invest in Corporate Gifts

The cornerstone of most marketing strategies is to increase the visibility of a brand, and one of the ways to increase the visibility of a brand name and encourage client loyalty is through the gifting of branded corporate items. People just love receiving gifts, and gifting people with something attractive or useful can be highly beneficial to the promotion of your company or brand. While there are many different types of corporate gifts available on the market, you always have to consider a few important factors. These include:

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