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Special Wood Trophies Awards

Special Wood Awards to Wow Winners

At Trophy & Medal Boutique, we always keep a close eye on emerging trends pertaining to all types of awards and the materials from which they’re made. Trophies made of wood were typically designed to represent shields and were free-standing or wall-mounted plaques, often with the addition of engraved metal plates, mini shields and moulded logos or figurines mounted on the front surface. Continue reading

Award Engraving at It’s Best

Engraving is the Heart of the Award

What would an award be – or mean – without some customised wording, a logo, an emblem, or some type of insignia appearing on the item, be it printed, embossed, sandblasted, or engraved? Continue reading

Beauty of Glass Trophies

The Beauty of Glass Trophies

Glass is an amazing man-made marvel with almost limitless uses. In addition to appreciating its beauty in artisanal renderings such as Venetian blown glass or the many-hued and highly collectable Murano Glass objects, one cannot help but be fascinated by the shapes of mysterious antique bottles, and drawn also to the wonderfully innovative trophies made of this magnificent clear material, available from South Africa’s Trophy & Medal Boutique. Continue reading

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