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Why You Should Reward Your Employees with Trophies and Awards in 2018

One of the cornerstones of all business is the employees, and if they are motivated and happy at work, productivity increases, and they achieve much more. This means that companies benefit in all sorts of ways, and in the end, the worth of the business increases.

There are many things a business owner or business manager can do to keep employees motivated and increase their productivity levels – training and development, setting achievable targets, team-building exercises, sending them to conferences, and promotions. All of these help to steer the mindset of the employee into a better direction. There is, however, a dire need for employees to be acknowledged and rewarded for achievement or high levels of productivity, so planning an awards ceremony or staff event in 2018, where trophies and awards for achievements are celebrated and rewarded, is a great idea.

Here are some more reasons why you should give your best-performing teams and staff members trophies and awards in 2018:

  • Increases self-confidence: Being acknowledged in front of peers, colleagues, and senior management is a big boost to the confidence, and a confident employee is a better employee. If your staff members feel appreciated and celebrated, they will feel better about themselves and their jobs, and as a result, they will enjoy being at work more. This happiness, in turn, will inevitably result in higher productivity levels.
  • Boosts morale: When you reward your best-performing staff members or teams with trophies and awards, the way they feel about the business or the organisation will change, and the overall morale will improve. If you notice that the morale is low, one of the best ways to boost the morale of team members and staff members is to celebrate the fact that they are there, and that they are doing their jobs well.
  • Higher staff retention: A high staff turnover is directly linked to unhappy employees, and can have a very detrimental effect on the business. Every time an employee leaves, they leave with knowledge learnt from the business that they can apply somewhere else. Money now has to be spent on the recruitment process, and a new person has to be appointed. The new person will probably also have to go through a training process before becoming as proficient and productive in the new job as the old employee. In order to retain your staff, you have to reward them, and choosing this year to reward them with trophies and awards is one of the best ways to keep them happy.

If you are looking for trophies and awards for your 2018 awards ceremony, come to the experts. At Trophy & Medal Boutique, we have some of the most innovative designs and durable awards around. Give us a call today to find out more about our trophies and awards in 2018.

Corporate Plaque Awards

Why It Is Important to Award Corporate Plaques, Awards, and Trophies

There are many things that you can do in the business environment to inspire people. For instance, managing a team or the organisation and successfully keeping them motivated and happy with their jobs can result in greater productivity and, at the end, increased revenue and lower staff turnover. Sometimes, business managers forget that employees are not just “staff”, and that they are people who need to be acknowledged and encouraged to feel at home at work, and to perform well. Everyone has to work together in order to achieve the common goals and objectives of the business, and if some of the cogs in this organisational wheel are not working well, it affects overall performance and productivity.

One of the best ways to motivate employees and give them recognition is to acknowledge their achievements. Often, corporate plaque awards or other types of prizes are awarded to employees when they do well or exceed targets. Recognition is incredibly important, and receiving an official acknowledgement of effort and accomplishment boosts the recipient’s motivational levels and make them feel that they are noticed and appreciated by the powers that be. A business environment in which accomplishment is rewarded is infinitely better to work in than one where people slog away for years, sometimes achieving great things, without their efforts being recognised.

Awarding employees with corporate plaques and other awards at a special awards evening or ceremony also helps to boost confidence. Having an awards event presented to deserving colleagues and employees creates a atmosphere in which people feel special, excited, and recognised by their peers and managers. And having a plaque to display in the office can serve as a focal point and a motivational reminder of what has been achieved. The mere presence of a corporate plaque, trophy, or other awards in an office may be a conversation piece and tell visitors or clients something positive about the person to whom it was awarded.

At Trophy & Medal Boutique, we specialise in the design, manufacture, engraving, and supply of some of the best looking corporate plaques and other awards available on the South African market. We have a wide range of products to choose from, including trophies, glass awards, mounted plaques, and other promotional items and awards that will thrill even the most discerning person. Our products are of high quality, good looking, and long lasting, and will look great on your desk for years. So, if you are planning to reward some of your employees for their hard work, give us a call to discuss your choice in corporate plaques, trophies, and awards!

Engraving and Engraved Gifts

Looking for The Best Engraving and Engraved Gifts? We Can Help!

If you are on the lookout for that special something to give to a friend, colleague, or client, you will find that a stylish gift with a personalised engraved message will go a long way. Organisations regularly use engraved gifts, such as plaques and trophies, to give to employees to reward them for their efforts and to keep them motivated, and clients always appreciate some sort of recognition in the form of a corporate gift with special engraving.

It is a great relief when you find the ideal corporate gift, and even better if you can personalise it by engraving it. You do not have to spend a lot of money on a great gift – get some kind of trophy or plaque and have it neatly engraved to make it personal and special. You can have a phrase or motivational message engraved on the gift and, if it is an award, the name of the person, the date, and the achievement have to be mentioned as well. Ultimately, engraving awards and gifts really give them a personal touch and makes it the recipient’s own.

Another great thing about engraving is that it is possible to engrave practically anything, and this means that you have quite a lot of options when looking for the best engraved gifts. Searching for the perfect item to engrave can be a lot of fun, but if you need help, all you need to do is to contact our team at Trophy & Medal Boutique. We have a wide range of promotional items, corporate gifts, plaques, awards, trophies, medals, and many other pieces that we can engrave with your message, using state of the art technology. We can even sandblast glassware for you!

At Trophy & Medal Boutique, we pride ourselves on the impressive range of products we provide, the quality of our engraving, and the longevity and style of the products we stock. If you would like to give someone an engraved gift that is imbued with a personal or sentimental touch, we are the people to contact. We can create an image or a design specifically for that person, and they will treasure it forever. While engraving and engraved gifts require a professional touch, it is certainly worth it! They are great gift options for just about any occasion and any person. Contact us at Trophy & Medal Boutique and we will help you to select the perfect engraved items for the right occasion.

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