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Engraving The Ultimate Finishing Touch

Engraving is Often the Ultimate Finishing Touch on Trophies

Plaques, medals, cups and trophies-we love awards, and people young and old still jostle for a chance to get one. Schoolchildren, sportspeople, even CEOs are all eminently aware of the potential for awards available in their fraternity, and the ages-old practice of giving awards was cemented a long time ago as a globally recognised tendency. That’s actually quite a remarkable reality, if we try to think of any other custom that transcends race, culture and creed.

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Various Types of Awards

Awards are Still an Endearing Human Practice

Awards-people still want them, and our ears still prick up when we hear someone’s won one, isn’t that so true? Who wouldn’t want to receive the recognition and praise, however modest, that an award signifies? Awards come in a host of shapes and sizes, and are given for a host of reasons, and there are also a great many styles and materials to choose from:

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Keyrings Are Good Bling

Let’s hear it for the humble keyring, hard at work carrying billions of keys over the last 70 years. Although our ancestors had rickety keyrings fashioned of all sorts of materials (the most common being iron in the case of a genuine ring upon which someone slid keys), the modern keyring as we know it is in fact a fairly recent invention. Samuel Harrison is the man credited for producing the first keyring as we would recognise them today. Around the middle of the last century, Mr Harrison brought his humble offering to market, and today it’s hard to think of any other product design that has found such wholesale uptake from the world’s people.

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