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A Guide to Choosing the Best Medallion Supplier

Where to Buy Medallions, Trophies and Plaques: A Guide to Choosing the Best Supplier

Are you a teacher or lecturer looking for ways to motivate your students, or do you have an event coming up and thinking of handing out awards to deserving employees? If so, you’re probably looking for an awards supplier that can supply quality awards – accolades that will last for years.

Many educational, sports and corporate organisations will agree that recognition, appreciation and motivation go together, and giving someone an award like a medallion, trophy or plaque is one of the best ways to show that you acknowledge and value their achievements. Awards like medallions and trophies are a symbol of success, achievement and excellence. But with deciding where to buy high-quality awards, you want to be sure you pick the very best trophy supplier To ensure you invest in medals that look first class, but most importantly, last for a lifetime, follow these three helpful tips.

  1. Research the Supplier and Check Out Their Reviews

A very significant aspect of choosing an awards manufacturer is the quality of their medallions, trophies, plates, and plaques. Not all medallion and medal suppliers are created equal, and this is often only realised once you’ve paid for the awards. Research the supplier, ensuring you’ve looked at their products, prices, delivery policy, return policy, and reviews. This will give you a sign of whether the supplier is worthy of your business.

  1. for Variety in Materials and Styles

When putting together a ceremony or an event and handing out medallions and trophies, it’s always nice to have a mix of materials, such as glass, wood, acrylic, metal and crystal. For this reason, ensure that the supplier can provide a variety. Most times, it’s best to partner with the actual manufacturer, as in this way, you get a variety of materials, customisation services – and you get to pay factory prices.

  1. Engraving Must Be On-Site

Do they offer the latest engraving technology, such as laser cutting and glass sandblasting? Engraving is essential if you want to add value to your recipient’s achievement. It shows that you have recognised their efforts and that you have extended your gratitude. That said, choose a supplier that has an in-house engraving studio where they offer both sandblasting and laser cutting.

Awards are the best way of recognising and valuing excellence, but what’s even better is gifting an award engraved with a personalised message and a date. As one of the leading awards manufacturers and suppliers in South Africa, we supply businesses, schools, and private and government organisation with the most affordable, high-quality medallions, trophies, plaques, medals and plates for all occasions.