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A Trophy and Medals Supplier at the Forefront of Glass Sandblasting

Recognition, appreciation, and motivation go together, and honouring someone with a award, personalised with a message, is one the best ways to express gratitude and acknowledge efforts. Whether it is for the best employee, the greatest performer, or the most outstanding sportsman of the month or year – gifting trophies, medals, and plaques is one of the best investments you can make when it comes to your employees. They are a very tangible pat on the back by people who mean it when they say, excellent job, well done, or congratulations.

Why Sandblasting is the 1st Choice for Engraving Glass and Crystal

At Trophy & Medal Boutique, we believe life would be boring without competition, and competition would be meaningless without awards, and awards, such as trophies and medals, would be worthless without glass sandblasting. More than just scratching the surface, sandblasting is the process of using compressed air to force a stream of abrasive through a nozzle to etch or carve intricate designs onto glass or crystal.

Used to create intricate patterns and designs on windows, front doors, storefronts, shower doors, signage, dividers, and drinking glasses, plates, and bowls to trophies and medals – sandblasting is considered as the best way to engrave glass due to its ease, versatility, and the superior results.

But sandblasting is not only the best choice for engraving glass and crystal – it is also the prescribed method. Glass and crystal are high-end products, and other engraving methods can compromise product value. Although sandblasting has many advantages, the greatest gain is that you get a license to be as creative as you like with the design.

Patterns and designs are easily engraved using stencils, so you can achieve a smooth and even cut in just about any design – frosted, deeply etched, or three-dimensional. Incorporating colours and allowing for the intricacy of design, this method of engraving gives the cleanest, sharpest cut with smooth, even results. With each piece crafted by hand, sandblasting is a superior engraving method that turns awards into one-of-a-kind treasures that last a lifetime.

We Design, Manufacture, Distribute, and Engrave 

As a South African-based company that specialises in the design, manufacture, distribution, and engraving of trophies, medals, plaques, and glassware for recognition, motivation, and excellence, we provide the highest quality engraved products. Designed and manufactured in-house at our state-of-the-art studio, we use the latest technology and have an in-house expert graphic artist and expert engravers. Never compromising on quality, we can make quality rewards that are reminders of precious memories.With each piece crafted by hand, sandblasting is a superior engraving method that turns awards into one-of-a-kind treasures that last a lifetime.