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Academic Trophies

An “A” for Academics Receiving Trophies

Largely because of media exposure that increases public awareness, coupled with the fact that much of the world – particularly the population of South Africa – tends to be mad about sport, many people think that trophies are almost exclusively intended as sports awards, rather than for academic pursuits. Trophies certainly are part and parcel of most sporting disciplines. It is also true that most sports are competitive events, in which there will invariably be award winners, those who came close to winning, and those who were left behind the rest, devoid of a sought-after trophy.

Since there are many fields and subjects that are broadly classified as being academic, it is certainly not surprising that such awards are also presented to top academic achievers in umpteen categories, sub-categories, and branches of academia.

Recognising Excellence

Each “academic discipline or field of study is known as a branch of knowledge”, which “is taught as an accredited part of higher education”. As with anything that is learned and practised, some will excel and may become award-winners, providing that trophies are awarded to learned top performers at recognised tertiary (or secondary) educational faculties.

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Anthropology
  • Archaeology
  • History
  • Languages and linguistics
  • Philosophy
  • Religion
  • The arts – culinary, performing, literature, or visual
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Interdisciplinary studies, (some of which are also included in sociology within South Africa) – studies in the sub-groups of area, culture, gender and sexuality, and organisational fields
  • Political science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology

Natural Sciences

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth sciences
  • Physics
  • Space sciences – astronomy

Formal Sciences

  • Computer sciences
  • Logic
  • Mathematics – pure and applied, plus statistics
  • Systems science

Professions and Applied Science

  • Agriculture
  • Architecture and design
  • Business
  • Divinity
  • Education
  • Engineering and technology
  • Environmental studies and forestry
  • Family and consumer science
  • Human physical performance and recreation (may be described as sports science in South Africa)
  • Journalism, media studies and communication
  • Law
  • Library and museum studies
  • Medicine
  • Military studies
  • Public administration
  • Social work
  • Transportation

Some of their academic fields and specialities may be classified differently in different countries by a variety of institutes of learning, or may not be offered as listed above. Nevertheless, it is clear that the enormous number of academic disciplines have ample scope to award exceptional efforts with relevant subject-based, bespoke awards.

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Moreover, we’d be delighted to tailor-make academic awards to your educational facility’s requirements and specifications, since our country’s future lies with today’s students who become tomorrow’s leaders, and are deemed deserving of trophies today.