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Academic Trophies and Medals

Even Brainiacs get Trophies

When we hit the right age as children, we get sent to school – an institution that will mould and shape the next twelve years of our lives. Some call it a prison for kids, others refer to it as an institute for learning on both academic and social levels. Regardless of how you look at it, academic trophies and medals will always form part of a school career.

For those of us who chose to spend the afternoons buried in homework and doing projects on the computer, rewards for academics were no rare occasion. Of course, some of us had the rare talent to excel both in the classroom and out on the rugby field, leaving our parents with a mountain of trophies and medals to carry after award ceremonies at the school.

Academic trophies and medals come in different shapes and sizes, ranging from a small medal for winning the spelling bee in the second grade, to being the top academic student in your school and struggling to carry the huge trophy off the stage. Because of this, trophies and medals will never be replaced by anything else, and having them means that there will always be a need for making new ones for the next school year. Luckily, Trophy & Medal Boutique has you covered.

We offer a wide selection of options, including:

  • Die-cast and molded medals
  • Crystal and glass trophies
  • Metal and acrylic trophies
  • Resin and wooden trophies
  • Figurines, plaques and shields

Looking at your academic trophies and medals from years ago will always spark that special feeling you had when it was awarded to you, and remind you of what you accomplished by getting them. Not only do we put all our academic achievements in our résumé, but we also get to put the trophies and medals on display, if our parents haven’t done so already in their home. Putting them on display means that they should be wonderful to look at, and unique to the extent that nobody else has a trophy or medal that looks similar.

Trophy & Medal Boutique is your one-stop shop for any and every kind of award, as we can deliver on perfect and unique academic trophies and medals to be presented next time you have an award ceremony at your school, making it special for the winners of those awards, and leaving them with an everlasting souvenir to keep the memories of greatness and victory alive for years to come!