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Acknowledgement Through Medals

Medals: The Timeless Acknowledgement of Achievement

Very few things in life are as instantly recognisable as a sign of achievement as a medal. In fact, medals have been used as far back as the fourth century BCE when Alexander the Great thanked the High Priest Jonathan for his assistance by sending him “… honorary awards, as a golden button, which it is custom to give the king’s kinsmen” as noted by the historian Josephus.

Even today, few things hold as much gravitas as the thought of winning an Olympic Gold Medal or being awarded a Medal of Honour for bravery in service. These medals have become synonymous with exceptional human achievements – something often strived for, but rarely obtained.

These are but two examples of famous medals. These ornate disks are used to commemorate and celebrate a number of different achievements, or to acknowledge exclusive membership or stature:

Awards for Achievement – These can be awarded to persons or organisations to recognise achievements in sporting, academic, military, cultural, scientific, or various other fields. Some of the most famous sporting awards include the aforementioned Olympic Medals, while coveted military awards include the American Medal of Honour and The Victoria Cross in the United Kingdom.

Religious – Devotional medals are sometimes worn for religious reasons. This is a medal awarded for religious devotion.

Portraits – It was customary, especially in Europe, to immortalise a person by putting their portrait on a medallion. These would also often feature the person’s age at the time of the portrait.

Society Medals – These are used as a badge or a token of membership to a specific institution or group.

Commemoratives – These are specifically created to commemorate a particular person or event that is considered to be of significance.

Souvenirs – These are very similar to commemorative medals, but instead of a person or event, these are usually meant to honour a place or event, such as a museum, a historic site, or a festival that is deemed important or significant.

Artistic – Certain works of art can take the form of a medal. These are purely artistic works, rather than signifying an event or achievement.

If you are organising an event or would like to recognise a group of people or specific achievement, consider using medals to reward and celebrate the top performers in question. Trophy and Medal Boutique can help you source prefabricated medals, or help you create your own designs for when you need something extra exclusive. Contact us to request your quote now.