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Acrylic Awards / Trophies

Something Exceptional:  Try Acrylic Awards and Trophies

Awards and trophies are traditionally used to celebrate or commemorate some kind of performance or achievement.  They are commonly found at prize-givings, sporting events and company award ceremonies.  Trophies usually come in the form of a cup made or covered in a valuable metal, such as bronze, copper, silver or even gold, but other types of metals such as chrome are now also becoming fashionable.  Trophies can also consist of a plaque made of wood or glass, with a metal finish and engraving.  Awards can come in many forms and all kinds of shapes and sizes – from glass plaques to statuettes and other shapes.  If you want to move away from the traditional approach and find something truly exceptional, you can now try acrylic awards and trophies.  These are the perfect alternative to glass and can be fashioned and custom made for you.

Acrylic awards and trophies are usually made of acrylic resin which is cast into a mould.  These moulds can be fashioned according to your requirements and can create tailor made trophies or awards.  In addition to making great trophies or awards, companies also love using acrylic materials for promotional items, as they are so easy to create and adapt to a particular shape or form.  They come in a wide range of shapes, colours and textures, and the most commonly used type would be clear objects, such as stars, circles and pyramids.

Acrylic awards and trophies and promotional materials are also easy to engrave, and in some cases they can also embed an item into the resin, such as a person’s name or company logo, name of a product.  There is great variety in the material that can be embedded, and this includes paper, wood, metal, acetate sheets, and many others.  The embedded item them looks as if it is floating around inside the object.

For something truly different and exceptional, contact us today to see our wide range of acrylic trophies/awards, and also our promotional items.