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Affordable Trophy Shop

Looking for an Affordable Trophy Shop? Here’s How to Sift the Elite from the Standard

Awards mean so much more than just a piece of metal, glass, or wood. Medals, trophies, plates, or plaques are symbols of excellence. They recognise talent, effort, determination, and achievement. Much better than money, receiving an award is the best way to frame a memory.

Many organisations, both private and government, use trophies and medals as a means to acknowledge and appreciate. Fortunately, a metal cup or a glass award is not as expensive as it was a decade ago. With e-commerce on the rise, anyone can order these awards online, at wholesale prices. You can even have your order delivered to your door. However, not every trophy shop delivers the same quality products and services. So, if you want to invest in quality awards that last a lifetime, you will need to partner with a quality supplier. Here’s how to sift the elite from the standard:

  1. Choose Quality Over Quantity

The awards you gift your recipients say a lot about your values, and “cheap” is not exactly the message you want to convey to your hard-working employees. If the quality is inferior, this will reflect negatively on you, so foremost, ensure that the trophy shop you choose is in control of the entire design, manufacturing, and engraving process. Why? Because a trophy shop that designs, manufactures, and engraves their awards often provide quality over quantity.

  1. Opt for Sandblasting and Laser Cutting Engraving Services

Although awards have always been popular in sports, academics and business, personalised awards are now the latest trends. Owing to leaps in technology, glass sandblasting and laser cutting are used to etch intricate text and images. To ensure you get quality trophies with high-class engraving, choose an online supplier with a dedicated graphic design and engraving department. Many suppliers render a proofing process before production – this is a great indicator that you’re dealing with an acknowledged trophy shop and not a fly-by-night awards supplier.

Or, Simply Choose Us…

If there is an event or an achievement worth recognising, honour it with the medals at Trophy & Medal Boutique. As a South African-based trophy shop that specialises in the design, manufacture, distribution, and engraving of awards for recognition, motivation, and excellence, we provide the highest quality products and engraving services. And we deliver your awards to your door, anywhere in Pretoria and Johannesburg.