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Glass Sandblasting

Glass Sandblasting: A Blast Well Worth It

Sandblasting can be applied on a multitude of surfaces such as acrylic and wood, but nothing is quite as beautiful as the results when glass is sandblasted. The deep etching on glass trophies and awards looks quite dazzling. When we think of sandblasting, we have a vision of frosted glass. It is a technique where the longer the technique is applied to the area of glass, the deeper the etching appears.

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Medals and trophies

Medals and Trophies Go Hand in Hand

A trophy is a tangible reminder of a special event and a particular achievement. Medals and trophies are often awarded hand in hand for sporting events and big tournaments. We have had medals and trophies adorning our walls and shelves at home. School sports races, athletics, judo, and swimming are just some of the sporting events you or family members may have been presented with medals and trophies. Maybe even the egg-and-spoon race was celebrated with a small memento!

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The Significance of Trophies

Trophies are designed to commemorate a specific achievement. They have been in the world for many hundreds of years. They are more prevalent in our lives than we may initially think. We have all been awarded a trophy at some stage in our lives, whether it was for a school sporting achievement, a club championship, an academic achievement or even an award for continued effort!

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