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Award Engraving

Investing in High-quality Engraving of Awards

The number of online shops where trophies and engravers can be found have increased dramatically over the last few years. Unfortunately, many of these supply inferior products or services, which not only results in a waste of money, but can also undermine the sentiment with which the trophy is awarded. As such, it is essential for businesses to ensure that they find and invest in quality award engraving. But how do you spot them?

  1. Stock Variety

Websites selling awards will often have a sizable stock. Most of these trophies are manufactured in bulk and are often generic, in order to cover as many categories as possible. Trophies and engravers should be chosen not only by price, but also by their applicability to the category that they are awarded in; a performance trophy for an investment firm should be different from its IT firm counterpart. The engraving service should also be discerned on the same criteria.

Quality suppliers of trophies and engravers will know their target audience, and will subsequently have provided for their trophy and engraving needs. This means awards made from a variety of materials, for a variety of purposes and a variety of industries. It also means their engravers can accommodate a style suitable to the trophy and industry.

  1. Stock Quality

A very important aspect of choosing award engraving services is quality. Unfortunately, it happens too often that online trophy stores sell cheaply manufactured merchandise, often made from plastic or tin. Although it may hold the outward appearance of a legitimate trophy for months, these awards tend to lose their coating rather soon, thereby communicating its monetary worth to the recipient, and detracting from the sentiment in which it was given. It is essential that engraving services be sought out based on quality.

  1. Custom Offerings

Bulk suppliers of trophies and the services of engravers may sometimes provide a cheaper alternative than those provided by experts dedicated to their trade. Many businesses, however, have realised that generic trophies and engraver services undermine the integrity of the award, therefore choosing a custom design in trophy and a style resembling their business in the engraved inscription.

So, in conclusion, choosing the right award engraving service is more than just choosing an authentic product; it is about choosing something unique to your industry and business, which is capable of communicating the intended sentiment to your employees for years to come. Turn to us, Choose Trophy & Medal Boutique.