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Award Engraving at It’s Best

Engraving is the Heart of the Award

What would an award be – or mean – without some customised wording, a logo, an emblem, or some type of insignia appearing on the item, be it printed, embossed, sandblasted, or engraved?

The Importance of Personalisation

A trophy, plaque, medal or any other type of award that’s devoid of a logo, personalised message, wording or visible clue about the event, occasion or achievement that it’s intended to commemorate and celebrate, creates the impression of insignificance.

It’s no longer a real award in the true, sincere sense, but rather comes across as an item that was purchased and handed over without care, consideration or due regard and recognition. That’s hardly ideal, since insignificance defeats the purpose of tangibly recognising an extraordinary result or achievement with an award.

Awards Are Mutually Meaningful

Giving and receiving is a two-way street. The donor should be as enthusiastic about selecting the prize, having it engraved with meaningful words and/or a customised insignia, and presenting this symbol of accomplishment, as the recipient is excited and honoured to receive it.

An Engraved Insignia is Forever

Professionally branded and well-made awards may last a lifetime and longer, at least for as long as all who view it on display are reminded of a memorable, noteworthy feat and the person or team that accomplished it. Personalised award engraving is, for all intents and purposes, permanent.

At Trophy & Medal Boutique, our designer stock blanks are ready for customised award engraving, printing, sandblasting, or embossing for aesthetic personalisation. If clients require a trophy or plaque of their own design and specifications, we’re happy to oblige too. All our award engraving is done in-house – the best way to avoid making mistakes in a process that produces something truly permanent.

Award Engraving Techniques

Long ago, all engraving was done entirely by a (hopefully) steady hand, but we utilise the following state-of-the-art techniques:

  • Laser – can be used on flat or curved surfaces, and delivers an affordable, very precise, fine result.
  • Rotary – suitable for use on a variety of materials and works by cutting designs to a predetermined depth (or straight through the material, thereby creating holes or shapes), with a rapidly spinning cutter.
  • Subsurface – a technology that’s similar to the laser process on glass or crystal, with an important difference. The lens of the laser system is set to move the normal focal point of the laser from the award’s surface to within its body, where a subsurface design is created, delivering a stunning image and effect.

Whatever the design of your award and whatever your customised engraving dreams may be, Trophy & Medal Boutique welcomes the opportunity to provide you and your worthy winners with a triumphant token of excellence and affordable beauty.