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Award Engraving Services

Award Engraving to Honour Achievers

Awards, each and every one, presented for any and every achievement that’s considered noteworthy, are meaningful, both to the giver and particularly, to the recipient. These are the top achievers who will treasure and appreciate these items whenever they see them.

Tokens of accomplishment invariably become more prized and memorable if they’re engraved, usually noting the relevant achievement, its date and if specially customised, may include the name of the recipient. It goes without saying that most top achievers like to display their awards since they’re rightfully proud of what they’ve worked so hard to accomplish.

Displaying Awards

Trophies may be displayed in a glass-fronted cabinet, designed and manufactured to show off the contents to their best advantage while keeping them safe from harm and dust-free. Alternatively, they may be placed on a shelf or mantelpiece, for all to see, deserving recipients included.

Medals, sporting a logo or insignia that indicates the type of achievement, may be hung by their ribbons from a rack or hook, or are housed on the shelf of a display cabinet. Engraved plaques, memorialising a special occasion, event, accomplishment, or a person’s name and officially recognised position or designation, may be suspended from or affixed to a wall or a door. Engravings undoubtedly make them more personal.

Occasions and Accomplishments

Although it’s entirely up to the person or entity whether to present an engraved or plain award, there are numerous accomplishments and occasions when and where presentations of honour may be made.

  • Winning competitor and closest rivals in individual sports; likewise, an engraved floating trophy for a winning team, plus medals or smaller trophy tokens for all team members.
  • Top students or scholars, usually per subject, unless the accomplishment is that of Victor or Victrix Ludorum (“winner of the games” in Latin).
  • Top salesperson.
  • Long service.
  • Unbroken attendance over a lengthy period.
  • Literary achievements.
  • Nobel Prize accompaniments.
  • Extraordinary efforts.

Engraving by Trophy & Medal Boutique

We, at Trophy & Medal Boutique, your specialised supplier of an exceptionally comprehensive collection of prestigious decorations that honour achievers, are also equipped, skilled and experienced to see to your engraving requirements on-site, at our premises in the Pretoria area.

In addition to supplying quality collections, our applicable engraving capabilities include the use of these techniques/types of equipment:

  • Laser
  • Rotary
  • Sub-surface

We’ll advise you on the type of method that will deliver the most effective, best, cleanest and clearest result on your award, depending on its material, size, shape, and profile.

If you’re a wholesaler or retailer, looking for a one-stop, combined award and engraving specialist supplier, who strives to provide ultimate customer satisfaction at very competitive prices, we look forward to being of service to you and your top achievers throughout southern Africa, a beyond.