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The Human Penchant for Awards

We know that winning makes kids feel great, and perhaps adults even more so! Awards are so commonly valued they offset the often fierce competition that surrounds them. The sporting arena for one sees some of the fiercest competition, but when trophies and medals are being handed out, the animosity is gone, and everyone is typically happy to partake in the ceremony, even when they’re not collecting the first prize.

Awards in sport, business or life generally are used to recognise all of the effort and sweat that someone put into competing, and they’re great morale boosters. Especially in the commercial arena, being an award-winning company elevates its status and makes for great marketing. Staff too are usually awarded a symbol of their in-house achievements. In a nutshell, recognition protocol sets the company ethos. “Do your best and you will be recognised” ­– that’s what an award says, and it’s hard to think of any other item so able to get staff morale flying as those in-house awards do.


Items of Value, for Everyone

Awards please the recipient mightily, but they also set the standard for everyone else. A company culture that includes regular accolades for those who have made a special effort or done something extraordinary is a very welcome and savvy approach to managing people. People like recognition, and they like to know they’re working in a system that will reward them for their efforts.

Returning to the value for businesses that receive industry or other awards, it’s marketing money can’t buy. Gleaning an industry award elevates the company’s status, and essentially constitutes an external endorsement for the business. Accolades in businesses are akin to five-star online reviews-they say it all. For the individual, receiving such honours look great on your CV, and is sure to set you apart from other candidates in your future career pursuits. A performance award establishes you as a cut above. For companies, industry awards are the kind of acknowledgement that feels good right now and does good for the bottom line as you go forward. It’s statistically proven that companies that receive industry recognition in this manner have a higher market value because of it and also tend to enjoy a higher income as they’ve been identified to be valuable industry players. They gain credibility in the eyes of consumers.


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