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Awards Season

It’s Time for Awards Season

The end of the year is fast approaching and that means awards season is here. Soon many companies will host their end-of-year functions and every school will have its awards ceremonies. Many people will get to walk up to a stage, shake hands with their boss or principal, and receive their prize.

End-of-Year Functions

Most people who have worked for larger corporations (or even small companies) have felt that weird limbo the office enters into. It’s somewhere between a slump because, well, the year has been long, and a feeling of excited anticipation. The end of the year means a function, which means an opportunity to dress up and celebrate.

It’s also an opportunity to hand out awards to the year’s best performers, workwise. Yes, that’s right, it’s time for all your hard work and dedication to be recognised. Maybe you sold the most products or you successfully launched a new one. Whatever the reason, it is time for your achievements to get noticed. Your company might even have a sense of humour and hand out some gag awards (here’s to hoping you were the most popular person in your office!). Whatever it may be, Trophy & Medal Boutique has got you covered. We can even specially design custom-made accolades just for you.

School Awards

All parents know what the end of the school year means. It’s time for your children to be recognised for their well-deserved academic, sporting, or artistic achievements. Even teachers can get rewarded for their accomplishments in education.

It is a proud, but also a stressful, time for parents. You have to get your children to comb their hair and actually wear their blazers and ties. You might also have to deal with the fact that your child may not win anything. But, in the end, school awards ceremonies make children feel special. It’s what motivates them to keep working (and, hopefully, study) hard.

School heads and principals realise how much pride it gives any child to wear their accomplishments on their jackets, for all to admire. So, visit Trophy & Medal Boutique, where we will provide you with the best lapel badges South Africa has to offer.

Whatever type of awards ceremony you may be hosting, from sporting events to the dramatic arts,  contact Trophy & Medal Boutique for a large range of great awards. We can provide you with medals, trophies, badges, and even fun promotional items, like whiskey glasses. We also offer badges and pins, ribbons and rosettes, custom or stock trophies and medals, and even certificates. The accolade options are limitless, so you are guaranteed to find something to satisfy your needs. Come visit us or order online today; we’re always happy to help.