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Beautiful Wedding Invitations

Engraving For The Creation Of Beautiful Wedding Invitations

When thinking of beautiful wedding invitations one may immediately imagine a stunning or card based invitation embossed and stylishly decorated. Although certainly true, there are numerous other options which will set your invitations apart from the rest.

Laser Engraving

With laser engraving it is possible to transfer an image onto a plastic, metal, wood or even paper based material. Nothing says attention to detail as well as engraving. Trophy & Medal Boutique offers clients a wide range of engraving possibilities ensuring the most beautiful wedding invitations of all time.

Selection of Wedding Invitations

Carefully consider how many guests you will invite. If you plan on inviting a hundred or more guests, creating a personalised item for each may not be cost effective. If you want to have an intimate wedding then you will be able to create beautiful wedding invitations, which are personalised without breaking the bank in the process.

Select engraved stationary that is compatible with computer printers or as an alternative let us engrave all the information on your behalf. With the method of engraving used there is no ink running or smearing and you will not have the problem of flaking. With such, you can expect a rather distinctive appearance and something that not only looks amazing, but is also pleasant to touch.

Why Engraving To Create Beautiful Wedding Invitations?

When an invitation is engraved, it represents quality and certainly shows what can be expected. Elegance is portrayed and with that then your guests will immediately know that the reception will be one set in style. Engraving, although now done through state of the art equipment, is rather traditional and thus something that has stood the test of time.

Let Trophy & Medal Boutique help you transform ordinary invitations into beautiful wedding invitations. Contact us for more information and assistance.