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Beauty of Glass Trophies

The Beauty of Glass Trophies

Glass is an amazing man-made marvel with almost limitless uses. In addition to appreciating its beauty in artisanal renderings such as Venetian blown glass or the many-hued and highly collectable Murano Glass objects, one cannot help but be fascinated by the shapes of mysterious antique bottles, and drawn also to the wonderfully innovative trophies made of this magnificent clear material, available from South Africa’s Trophy & Medal Boutique.

Glass Trophy Shapes, Sizes and Options

Our glass trophies are available in various shapes and sizes – circular, octagonal, or rectangular. Each is fixed to a stand made of the same material, which does not detract from the clean, transparent, seemingly delicate body of the actual trophy, or the subtle appearance and clear legibility of the inscription upon it.

The thickness of the glass with which we make these awards is such that each piece and stand has sufficient weight to ensure stability. An unusual, gently curved glass rectangular plaque, modified to stand or hang, is also on offer at the Boutique. All edges are smoothly polished and finished to ensure safe handling.

Logos and details of the event or achievement for which the award is intended are permanently sandblasted onto its surface, providing an enduring commemoration and reminder of excellence attained and besting the competition, as it were.

At Trophy & Medal Boutique, we have another highly decorative optional addition with which to enhance and decorate our glass awards. A moulded resin emblem is finished to resemble sparkling gold, silver or brass, before being affixed to the surface of the trophy. Both components of the award – the clean, clear background, plus the realistic emblems, action figures or figurines – display to perfection, augmented by their modern, multi-dimensional appearance.

Man’s Beautiful Invention

No one knows precisely when or where mankind discovered how to make glass, but it’s thought that it may have been some 3 500 – 4 000 years ago in Mesopotamia. It’s surmised that this discovery occurred accidentally, during the smelting of iron or firing of pottery in a sandy area, since all these processes involve exceptionally high temperatures. (Sand, rich in silica, is one of the principal ingredients of glass.)

This amazing material has so many historic and modern uses – windows of all types, inserts in doors, screens, lenses, and so forth. Glass cookware that may be placed in the oven or microwave, can be as easily placed in a dishwasher, is water- and weather-proof, and – the joy of joys – is easy to clean.

There are so many diverse, practical, functional, and decorative uses for glass, that its inventors surely deserve a trophy of their own. Our Boutique is on hand to custom-make and perfect glass trophies for truly unique awards.