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The Top 3 Benefits of Rewarding Academic and Sports Medals to Children

It is a priceless moment watching a child’s face light up with pride and a sense of achievement as they race towards the stage, with excitement and anticipation in their eyes, to receive a medal they have worked hard to earn. Everyone loves the opportunity of being honoured for their achievements – and children are no different.

Today, growing up is hard. Whether it is disruptive technology or the way of the world, today’s youth feel more pressure from all aspects of their lives. There is pressure to succeed at making friends, to achieve academically, and to excel in sports. These stresses can discourage, which is why it is important to acknowledge their efforts and accomplishments with awards. Whether for sports or academic achievement, a medal is a powerful tool that transcends all other forms of honours. Here are three solid reasons to hand them out to your high achievers:

  • It Creates Memories of Achievement – children respond well to being rewarded for their achievements – and they also never forget them. They will display their trophies proudly for years to come, and every time they see their medal on their bookshelf, they will remember it was not merely something given to them, but something that they worked hard for and earned through their determination and skill.
  • Friendly Competition Enhances Learning – although many people consider competition to be unhealthy, especially for young kids, friendly competition is a great motivator and helps to enhance social and emotional skills. It also teaches commitment, builds self-esteem, and gets kids performing better at school and sports.
  • Awards Build Character – medals are a tangible object that children feel proud to have earned, so much so that achievers often step up to become role models. Simply put, they give children something to strive for, which plays a huge role in character building.

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