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Competition Medals

Can Medals Stir Competitiveness in Athletes?

A lot of debate has swirled around whether it is really a positive thing to provide school athletes with medals or not. Not because it is negative to award medals for great performance, but because some wonder how those athletes feel who do not manage to perform well enough to earn a medal. Regardless of which side of the argument you are on, the merits of the actual argument cannot be ignored. Ultimately, awarding medals for jobs well done does spur on healthy competitiveness among team members.

What is more, it teaches greater life lessons that student athletes can carry with them well into their adult years. It is evidence of the fact that hard work pays off, and that achievements are rewarded in life. When you work hard, your accomplishments deserve to be recognised. The prospect of being acknowledged among their peers for their hard work also spurs the student on to reach deep down and perform their best.

By this logic, it is easy to see that the awarding of medals for sports achievements among school athletes spurs on a healthy sense of competitiveness, which spills over to achievement. After a long season of hard work and performing at their peak, reward your athletes with quality and beautifully designed medals and trophies, and teach them the value of hard work from a young age.

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