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Considerations for Corporate Gifts

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Corporate Gifts

Competition is fierce in the modern business world. To get ahead, everyone is dreaming up new and innovative ways to keep their company or organisation top of mind among their current and potential clients. While by no means a new initiative, corporate gifts are a great way to grab the attention of your clients, to build positive sentiment towards your company, and to establish lasting relationships.

Corporate gifts can be one-off tokens of gratitude for continued business, used to welcome new clients, or used to spread cheer over the festive season. However, you need to choose the specific gift carefully. Otherwise, this well-intended token can potentially do more harm than good to your organisation’s image.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right corporate gifts for every situation:

Set a Budget

Sounds obvious, right? You certainly do not want to break the bank just to impress a few clients. At the same time, you also do not want to seem cheap or unappreciative by giving substandard corporate gifts. But have you also considered that choosing gifts that are too flashy can make you look like you are trying too hard, or prone to frivolous spending?

Choose a Meaningful Gift

The whole point of corporate gifts is to keep your company top of mind. So, choose something that is meaningful to your client, something that is useful, or something that they will see every day.

Quality Control

While you are keeping an eye on your budget, also keep in mind that the gift you choose will leave an impression about you and your organisation. So, be sure to choose something that you will be proud to put your company’s name on.

Can it Be Branded?

Considering the previous points, you may want to consider branding your corporate gifts to ensure that they serve their purpose – to promote your organisation. Remember that this also has to be included in the gift budget!

Consider Your Goal

While we just mentioned branding, there are times when this could be seen as inappropriate. Always remember what you are trying to achieve through this token of appreciation. Is it promotional? Are you introducing a new product? Is it to thank a client for their business? These can all be branded. But if you are celebrating something more personal like the birth of a client’s child or some other personal day or milestone of theirs, you may want to hold back on too obvious branding, as this might make the thought seem cheap.

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