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Corporate Award | Corporate Award Design and Engraving

Corporate Award Design and Engraving for Prestigious Recognition

Apart from our line of stock awards we also do customized corporate award designs where your company logo, message and any special design requests are used. Because we know how important it is to ensure that the trophy, medal or plaque will represent the image you want to portray, we take the time to work with you in selecting the design and message.

Simply view our gallery of corporate awards and select a style that you feel will represent the message and recognition you hope to be embedded in the award. Clients can select from a variety of awards including:

  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Marble
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Acrylic
  • Globe
  • Medal
  • Trophy
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Pyramid
  • Star
  • Obelisk
  • Oval
  • Figurine

The design part makes up one component of the recognition. The second part is that of engraving. Making use of the most appropriate technique for the particular material and design, we ensure that the logo and message will be aesthetically appealing. With laser engraving available, it is now possible to engrave a variety of materials with precision ensuring a professional end-result.

Typically one will want the following on the award:

  • Name of the Award
  • Presented to… Name
  • In recognition of…
  • Company name and logo
  • Date

Think about the name that should be associated, the level of prestige and any other special wording you would like to add. Engraving can be done on the same day and with the new technology that we use, it is also extremely affordable. No longer do you have to wait a few days before getting the engraved work back. Our workmanship and the products carry the required warranties. Present your employees or colleagues with prestigious corporate award trophies or plaques to give them the recognition they deserve.

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