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Corporate Idenitity Lapel Badges

Showcase your Corporate Identity with Beautifully Designed Lapel Badges

Lapel badges will never go out of style. Worn by presidents, presidents of organisations, boy and girl scouts, etc. these badges have a rich tradition that dates back many decades. Even though lapel badges are quite small, their significant meaning is not. With such a small badge, you can communicate a lot to the audience, both of the person wearing it, and what the actual badge represents.

Whether you want your organisation’s emblem turned into a lapel badge, or would like to have a new badge designed from scratch, you have many options available to you. Even schools and other educational institutions can have badges that are designed for specific events. These badges bring people and groups together under a single unifying umbrella.

Once you realise the unifying power of lapel badges that are available to your organisation, you will become aware of its benefits and positive impact on your team. Convey messages to your audience without even saying a word, and let a beautifully designed and executed lapel badge communicate for you.

Order Masterfully Crafted Lapel Badges from Trophy & Medal Boutique

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We have built up an impressive portfolio of wholesale and retail clients throughout the years, with some even as far away as the Middle East. Contact us to learn more about us, our services and products, and what we can do for you. We are ready to answer any questions you may have, and look forward to helping you harness the benefits of our products and solutions.