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Corporate Plaque Awards and More

The Benefits of Corporate Plaque Awards

Plaques are ideal corporate awards in the modern, streamlined business sector. These industries tend to prefer simple, straightforward furnishings such as office and boardroom décor that reflect that the organisation is serious about and focused on the primary reason for their existence – operating a transparent, profitable, and successful 21st-century endeavour. Corporate plaque awards are a popular pick in such sectors.

Competitive Beings

While business environments may and do change, people essentially remain intrinsically the same or at least, similar. They’re thinking, feeling, emotional beings, who are by their very nature, competitive. Every concern needs competitive personnel because the organisation is invariably in competition with other companies, each of which desire having a competitive edge over similar counterparts.

A Corporation’s Greatest Assets

Nonetheless, it is really people who are a successful corporation’s greatest asset, without whom they’re bound for eventual decline and failure. These same thinking, feeling people value a pat on the back, and a “thank you” or “well done” when they’ve performed well, gone the extra mile or been particularly successful in the competitive corporate world.

Tokens of Appreciation and Achievements – Choose Our Awards

A plaque award is a lasting, memorable token of the company’s appreciation and the recipient’s efforts and achievements. Moreover, a well-displayed corporate award serves as an additional incentive and motivation for the initial recipient or winner, as well as others within the corporate entity.

Appropriate Awards

At heart, most people in this type of environment are competitive and would like to lead the pack by achieving their own award in the form of a plaque, which looks great, mounted on an office wall or standing on a desk, irrespective of the organisation’s décor style or the nature of its business. Corporate offices, their dress codes and general environments tend to be somewhat formal. Hence, a plaque is an appropriate type of award.

Award Suppliers

Trophy & Medal Boutique of Pretoria specialises in a host of corporate items with custom branding options. A comprehensive range of plaques features amongst these offerings to the wholesale and retail trade. The range includes:

  • Wall-mounted options in aluminium, brass, wood, Perspex, resin, granite, or metal
  • Desk-standing units
  • Shields
  • Embedded or encapsulated within a clear protective material
  • Our plaques that are boxed or contained snugly within a custom case are perfect for tasteful presentations

Branding and commemorative insignia options include:

  • Shallow techniques
  • Deep etching
  • Engraving

Everything is done in-house at Trophy & Medal Boutique, which radically reduces the chances of anything going wrong, getting lost, or the occurrence of mistakes and communication misunderstandings.

Additionally, by retaining control of all custom processes, we’re able to offer remarkably affordable prices for all corporate awards, trophies, medals, promotional items, branding and custom services, and goods. All of which boast uncompromising, top quality – our mission for your satisfaction.