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Creative Wedding Favours

Creative Wedding Favours To Thank Your Guests For Attending The Celebration

If you really want your guests to remember the special day for all the good reasons then they should be treated to high quality creative wedding favours.

Some ideas are shared below to help you select creative and stunning looking wedding gifts to thank the guests for their gifts and presence at your marriage celebration.

Key Rings

No doubt, engraved key rings are always a winner and ensure that the guests will think of your wedding day for a while. The secret here is to select stylish key rings, either engraved or moulded. Don’t go for too big as many guests will want something that can easily fit in their bags, and will not be too heavy.

Coaster Sets

No doubt all the guests will love the décor and special touch with creative wedding favours such as glass coasters, wooden personalised coasters or metal engraved coasters. In this way you show that every guest is special and at the same time get to decorate the table in style. The coasters can be heart shaped or perhaps in the form of little photo frames ensuring that they can use the items again and again and further personalise them for their own use.

Place Card Holders

Trophy & Medal Boutique specialises in the creation of unique awards, corporate gifts, branding products and gifts. With that then it is possible to even customise placeholders and name tags in metal ordered from us.

Creative Personalised Wedding Favours

Why not print or creatively engrave the names of guests on small bags which contain gifts? You can also add little glasses or diaries to their bags ensuring that they will remember the day for a long time. Instead of just putting wedding favours on the table, award them with little gift bags.