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Crystal Trophies

Looking for Crystal Trophies for Your Special Event?

If you require a trophy or award with a unique look, interesting design and is beautiful to look at, we recommend that you try crystal instead of the usual designs.  We have a wonderful range of crystal trophies available which will impress anyone who receives one.  We have spent a long time developing and sourcing only the best products when it comes to awards, and we have an array of different designs, types and sizes. We strive to ensure that you find the exact trophy you need and can create custom made items for you too!

Trophies and awards come in many different shapes and sizes, and can be created from different materials.  Usually, metals are used and coated with pure silver or gold to give it that extra luxurious look, but nowadays we frequently get requests for attractive glass or crystal trophies.  As crystal and glass are easy to engrave, we are able to sandblast just about any image onto the trophy; this includes logos, pictures, even a likeness of the winner!

Crystal trophies are highly sought after as they are so attractive and noticeable, require virtually no maintenance and last a long time!  They also don’t break as easily as one would imagine and have a heavy, luxurious feel to them. Then there is the matter of their sparkle which is unbeatable.  Most recipients of our crystal trophies feel honoured and rewarded when they receive such a beautiful object, so make your own winners feel special by getting one of our specially designed crystal awards today.

In addition to creating wonderful awards and trophies, we are able to engrave your message to give them a more personal feel.  Engraving is not only for the aesthetic quality, but can also keep a year by year record of winners of the trophy if it is a floating trophy.  This provides a really good sense of history for the event and makes it very prestigious.

When it comes to crystal there are various effects that we can apply and it is not unusual to see our engraving done in 2D or even 3D.  There are various methods we use for engraving and each of these has its own appearance, texture and character.  For glass and crystal we usually use sandblasting which is a very effective way of creating 3D images on the flat surface.  The sandblasting causes an abrasive quality that makes the texture of the image stand out more, and these can be colour filled to make certain aspects of the engraving appear clearer.

Traditionally, people like to give awards to someone who has achieved a particular goal or when they want to recognise prestigious behaviour or events.  In format occasions it is definitely accepted that the trophy will match the formality of the occasion.  For other, less formal events, the awards and trophies are not too sophisticated, but still very stylish and attractive.

We take pride in our wide range of designs and invite you to browse through our collection online.  Should you feel that you haven’t found exactly what you are looking for, we can custom design a trophy or award especially for your occasion!  Our designers are experts and can work with you to make up a design that will fit just about any event.  Our craftspeople are passionate about creating new and innovative trophies and experiment a lot with a variety of materials.

If you need crystal trophies for your special event, contact us for a great range of products and superb service!