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Crystal Trophies

Explore Trophy & Medal Boutique’s Extensive Range of Quality Crystal Trophies

Trophy & Medal Boutique is a leader in providing our clients with the best quality trophies and corporate awards available on the market in South Africa today. For nearly three decades, we have been hard at work designing and manufacturing innovative crystal trophies produced to the very highest accepted quality standards.

Throughout the years, we have developed an extensive range of crystal trophies that take all the latest trends and fashions into account. This has enabled us to stay current and responsive to market trends and needs, while also ensuring that we are able to keep our products affordable and accessible.

So what are some of the many types of crystal trophies available from our catalogue? Here are only a few of the many great quality and innovative trophies that you can look forward to from us:

  • Acrylic and cup trophies;
  • Glass and marble awards;
  • Crystal and wooden trophies;
  • Plaques and figurines;
  • Resin trophies; and
  • Custom-made awards and figures, to name a few.

Save Money and Access Great Quality Crystal Trophies at Competitive Rates

We always aim to provide our products and services at exceptionally competitive rates. We bring the capability, knowledge, skills and resources to the market to accommodate a vast range of requests and needs from a diverse and eclectic clientele. Our team of sales professionals is always at hand to help you make an informed purchasing decision to help you access the products that you need, without breaking the bank.

Whether you are the head of a sports team, sales team, book club or any other organisation, reward your members with quality and tailor-made crystal trophies to illustrate your gratitude of their hard work and commitment. We use the latest embroidering, sublimation, heat transfer printing and digital printing, as well as engraving techniques, to further tailor your trophies and make them extra special for the recipients.

These are only a few of the many ways in which we endeavour to always provide our customers with the solutions that they expect from an industry-leading supplier of excellent quality crystal trophies. Aside from providing these types of trophies, we also offer custom and stock medals, shields and plaques, as well as custom and stock lapel pins, and name and school badges.

Our custom belt buckles and key rings make for fun and memorable corporate gifts when Christmas and New Year’s Eve come around! So speak to us to learn more about our great quality trophies and awards, and our many other great quality products and services.