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Cup Trophies

Cup Trophies for Academic, Professional and Sporting Achievements – Order Yours Online Today!

Trophies and medals have had their place in our lives for many years. While they start out in school to show achievement, they are carried through into sports, hobbies, professional activities and so much more. Cup trophies are by far the most recognisable type of award and they are used very frequently. If you are looking for a range of these trophies for a prize giving or event, then you will need to be sure that you select a type and style that offers quality and a nice appeal. Unfortunately, the market does offer a few options that are below par, and so you will need to shop around.

At Trophy and Medal Boutique, we believe that only the best will do for our clients. Our range offers exceptional quality and competitive rates. Our range of cup trophies caters to plated gold, silver and nickel varieties. When browsing through our catalogue, you will find that you can select from a range of pre-existing designs or you can choose to have something unique made up and customised. We also offer engraving of our trophies and medals so that you can personalise them with the name of the person receiving the award and what it is for.

Trophy and Medal Boutique was founded in 1989 and has ever since been presenting the market with top quality, well-priced items. We provide our services to the entire country and strongly believe that no order is too big or too small for our team. For the convenience of our clients, we ensure that our online catalogue/brochure is always updated so that you are aware of precisely what we can offer you at all times. Client satisfaction and creating innovative products, are aims of our team and something we plan to continue with for many years to come.  It is no surprise that we have quickly become an industry leader with our extensive range, value for money and quality customer services.

At Trophy and Medal Boutique, we encourage all of our potential clients to take the time to contact us to discuss their needs, requirements and available budget. You will find that while we offer an exceptional range of cup trophies, we also offer a wealth of other products and services that might interest you as well. Get in touch with us via email or telephone and prepare to benefit from our range and services today.