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Cup Trophies

High-quality and Affordable Cup Trophies

For every employee or sportsperson, recognition is one of the most important motivating factors that will affect their everyday performance. Motivation can come in many forms, including praise and the effects of mentoring, but perhaps the most effective and tangible way of recognising excellence is through the awarding of trophies and medals. Affordable, yet high-quality cup trophies are available from stockists in the major cities throughout South Africa, however, for that quality trophy or award, a reputable trophy stockist with unique trophies that will be an expression of the value of the individual is required.

There are a variety of different trophies that will suit many occasions, from the formal awards ceremony to the closing of a regular meeting between team members. The secret to awarding the correct trophy that is suitable for the occasion and the individual concerned is in sourcing a reputable stockist who will be able to supply affordable cup trophies that nevertheless will be treasured by the recipient.

Although the unit cost of individual trophies can be low, the effect on the morale of staff or sports team members can be high. Traditional trophies, such as cups and medals, have long been favourites and these classics have stood the test of time because they are still instantly recognisable as a tangible reflection of the recognition of the individual.

These high-quality trophies can be constructed in materials that closely resemble precious metals and alloys such as gold or silver, but because of new technology involved in the production and manufacturing of the trophies, the cost is substantially less than those trophies actually made from extremely expensive materials. These alloys are also extremely hard wearing and will last for generations, even if handled regularly. Those trophies constructed from these materials can also be engraved to add a feeling of individuality to each piece.

For those organisations that want to break the mould and present achievers with trophies that represents an attractive alternative to the traditional cup, badge or medal, there are affordable trophies that are manufactured from materials such as acrylics.

These acrylics can be manufactured into different shapes and the organisation presenting the trophy has the choice of either buying a standard design or asking the trophy manufacturer to approach the designers with a unique design. The awarding of trophies with unique designs will be sure to delight the recipients and be an accurate reflection of their value to the company or sports team.

There are also affordable trophies that can be manufactured from organic materials, such as wood. The appearance, weight and even feel of these trophies are unique and give the impression of durability and value. These attributes make these types of trophies even more valued by recipients.

At Trophy & Medal Boutique, we can offer you a range of different types of trophies, including cup trophies. Browse through our product offering or contact us for more information.