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Custom Belt Buckles

Custom Belt Buckles And Other Die Cut Products Available

Custom belt buckles have become rather popular in recent years. Due to technological advances it is now possible to create a wide range of designs suitable as:

  • Items for sale in gift shops.
  • Clothing accessories in retail stores.
  • Awards for recognition.
  • Club or organization badges.

Die casting and modelling have made it possible to create custom designs for belt buckles ensuring unique items. We can produce such in the quantities required by the client. Needless to say, bulk orders are priced lower.

In addition to custom made belt buckles we also produce a range of medals which can be in the form of die cut or sticker in various sizes and thickness. We have a full range of stock medals where the customer simply pays for the medals. For custom die cut or moulded medals, the client pays for the custom design.

Apart from the above, we also offer a full range of trophies. Whether the client wants acrylic, glass, crystal or cup trophies, we can supply in numerous sizes and shapes. In addition, the client furthermore has a choice of wooden plaques or marble trophies. Cup trophies are well-suited for sport and school recognition ceremonies while the acrylic, crystal, glass and marble trophies are well appreciated in the corporate world. From the standard figurines to custom designs are available at exceptionally competitive prices.

Engraved key rings in addition to a full range of lapel badges which can be engraved with the company logo are some of the other items that are available. Corporate gifts can be purchased from us and be engraved through the latest technological methods. We provide a range of engraving services. As such we are not only the best supplier of custom belt buckles, but also one of the most versatile trophy and award suppliers in Pretoria.

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