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Custom Keyrings and How You Can Market Your Business

4 Reasons to Market Your Business with Custom Keyrings

South African businesses have had it hard over the past several months, with many desperately in search for ways to pick themselves up and get back to making sales. While many businesses have invested in print or online media, many have turned to promotional giftsand for an excellent reason.

While there are many benefits of gift-giving with promotional gifts, the most obvious is brand awareness. Promotional gifts are a fantastic way to remind consumers you exist, but make sure the gift is functional and branded with your logo. Why? Because the more the receiver sees your logo, the more they will remember your brand when they need your services. That said, if you’re looking for a functional and economical gift, here’s why you can’t go wrong with custom keyrings.

  1. Affordability: They make great gifts, and not just because they are useful, but because they are affordable to manufacture. For any business on a shoestring budget, bulk orders at wholesale prices are an excellent deal.
  2. Increased Trust and Sales: Customising keyrings sends a message to your recipients. It tells them you value their business and their industry, and this makes them feel special. Consumers always remember brands that do gracious things like handing out free gifts, which means they will be more open to doing business with you.
  3. Brand Recognition: It’s an overcrowded marketplace out there, and to be heard, retailers need to shout loud. Similar to a corporate clothing culture, branded custom keyrings help small brands to get their logo out on the street, which is the best place to be in tough economic times. Every time your customers take out their keys, they will see your logo, which will keep your brand fresh in their minds.
  1. Variety of Colours and Designs: With today’s technology, custom keyrings can be the perfect promotional tool for any business that wants to show their ideal brand image. By personalising keyrings, your recipients will recognise that you manufactured the gifts especially for them, telling them you went the extra mile. From sports, tech, agriculture, and hardware to novelty keyrings in plastic or metal, there are many designs to choose from.

Custom keyrings are one of the most practical and economical promotional giveaways, ideal for employees, students, clients, club members, and potential clients. Widely used in marketing campaigns, these powerful tools get brands out on the streets at a fraction of the cost of print and media marketing. To find out more, chat with Trophy & Medal Boutique, Gauteng’s leading awards and promotional gift designers, manufacturers, suppliers, and branders.