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Custom Keyrings

Custom Keyrings for Corporate Branding with a Difference

Custom keyrings enable your company to promote your brand in an elegant manner. Instead of using the normal channels for branding, why not dare to be different? With a branded keyring as a promotional item, you are sure that the receiver will keep the information and will always remember your company.

Whenever the customers open their office doors, drive their vehicles or lock their homes, they will see your brand. This is what branding is about and with normal advertising, you compete for the customer’s attention. When it comes to a branded keyring, your name is in front of the customer the entire time.

It is, however, essential to provide the customer with quality, since you will want him or her to use the item daily. With such, comes the added benefit of viral marketing. The customer walks around with your brand and others see it. You thus spend less on branding and marketing because the customer does the work for you. With such in mind, it is essential to select a service provider that can customise keyrings to ensure that your brand stands out and is remembered for quality.

At Trophy & Medal Boutique, we fit the profile. We offer you keyrings in plastic or casted steel with your firm’s information branded through a process of embossing. This can be done on one or both sides of the keyring. If you order 1 000 or more, you will not pay for mould or die costs and will thus be able to save even more money.

Such keyrings are kept and because of their uniqueness stand out. You can also give the keyrings to your employees, who will be walking advertisements for you. With the affordability of the items, you can hand them out at sponsored events, add them to flyers to ensure that people read the flyers and are reminded of such through the keyrings, or you can reserve the keyrings as corporate gifts. Send each of your esteemed clients a custom keyring in a designer box this year to show your appreciation for their support.

Our services and products also include trophies, medals, lapel badges, promotional items, corporate awards and engraving services. With years of experience, advanced technology and a commitment to quality, we should be your first choice as your promotional and award supplier in South Africa. We have a fast-turnaround time and deliver on our promises. Quality is guaranteed and we take the time to understand customer requirements.

View our keyrings range and contact us for a quote today.