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Custom Made Keyrings

Unlock the Marketing Potential of Custom Keyrings for the Benefit of Your Business

Keyrings are nothing new. In fact, they seem to have been a popular marketing item for quite some time now. In the beginning, it seemed to be only motor car dealerships that capitalised on the functionality and marketing potential of the keyring, but times quickly changed and nowadays, millions of businesses enjoy the very same benefits of such an effective marketing item. What makes keyrings so loved and such big sellers is that they look great and serve a purpose too.

When you think of a keyring, you probably just think of a standard basic item designed to keep your keys together and ensure that you have everything you need at hand, but so much has changed over the years in terms of design, multi functionality and, of course, the materials used to produce them. You can add an element of interest by incorporating a bottle opener, torch or even a USB drive onto your keyring. And let’s not forget all of the branding opportunities you have. You can really get creative with your keyring’s design and branding.

At Trophy & Medal Boutique, we have helped companies promote their businesses with various marketing items over the last 27 years, with the keyring certainly being a number one choice for the majority. Our range is simple, yet effective, and we strongly believe this is why so many of our past customers have remained loyal for so many years. We offer plastic and steel (cast) keyring options to the market, and our branding options include the likes of embossing, which we can do on both sides of the keyring. If you are placing a bulk order of 1 000 pieces or more, we’ll waive the mould and die charges too. This is just our way of giving you a little bit back for your valued support.

The Trophy & Medal Boutique brand is one that has earned itself a phenomenal reputation in the industry. We work hard and fast to get our orders out on time, and we do all of this without compromising on the quality of our products or our service. We know just how important it is for your marketing materials to be provided on time and in good order, and that’s our guarantee to you.

If you would like to receive further information and advice on our range of custom keyrings, simply contact us via email or telephone, and we will ensure that you are provided with all the required information.