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Custom Medals

Why You Should Invest in Custom Medals for Your Events and Employees

There are many corporations around the world that use awards to acknowledge the achievements of their employees. The benefits of rewarding people for achievements within an organisation are obvious. Employees feel appreciated, they feel that their hard work has not gone unnoticed, and they become motivated to do even better. It can even bring teams closer together and improve communication when they are working towards a common goal.

The awarding of medals goes back to Roman and Greek times, when soldiers who performed particularly well on the battlefield or showed extraordinary courage were rewarded with silver. In those days, silver was actually more valuable than gold, and custom coins of different values were given to the soldiers as an award and payment. This gave them status and money that allowed them to look after their families better, and to purchase land and livestock that they could live off during war times.

The culture of custom medals still prevails today, and medals are particularly evident at sports events, such as the Comrades Marathon and other high-profile events. Of course, not every medal is custom made, but there are custom-made medals for certain special categories, and it is a great honour to receive one of these after months of working hard to achieve a particular goal.

Custom medals also include the following benefits:

  • They look more professional.
  • They increase recognition for the person who receives it and the organisation that awards it.
  • They stand out from other types of awards at events.
  • People perceive their value as high.
  • They are attractive to look at and to display.
  • If they are engraved, it shows that they belong to a particular individual, and this brings much pride and joy.
  • They can communicate a specific message.

If you are looking for a particularly special way to reward someone – be it a sports person, employee, academic achiever, or a sales person, having custom-medals made up by a professional company is the way to go. Of course, there are other types of awards and trophies that can be just as effective, but custom medals can be made more personal.

At Trophy & Medal Boutique, we have been providing many high-profile clients around the country, and even as far as the Middle East, with beautifully designed custom medals, awards, plaques, trophies, and promotional items. We also provide branded clothing and custom-designed items for any purpose. We can work on tight deadlines and we believe all our orders are equally important, whether they are big or small.

If you want something truly special to give to someone as a reward or for recognition, give our team a call today.