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Custom Medals

Make An Impression With Custom Medals

Walk into any shop that sells trophies and custom medals and you will be astounded by the amount, the sheer variety of medals and other awards that can be found lining the shelves in the shop. But if you look closer you’ll also find that you’ve seen medals and trophies like them, or at least very similar being handed out at junior sports days across the country. These mass produced trophies are not only cheap to produce, but are easy to source, there are really very few occasions when the generic trophy chosen or one which looks very much like it will be out of stock.

If you want to make an impression and make sure that the trophy you hand to the team member, be it at a  sporting event or at a sales recognition event at the office then you’re going to have to take it one step further and take a look at having custom medals produced. Custom medals can be made up in a variety of designs, including those which feature the corporate logo and an inspirational message for each of the team members. Because the medals have been custom made, each of them can feature a different inspirational message which is applicable to the sporting or business event where it is presented.

Custom medals can also be awarded to the team as a whole. Because there is very little limitation on the size of the custom medal a good idea would be to present each team member with their own custom medal and then have an oversize medal produced which can then be displayed in the clubhouse or in the relevant department in the office.

The manufacturing of custom medals can use a variety of different materials, from wood, to epoxy, to metals like gold, silver and bronze, however there is obviously a cost implication depending on which of the materials is used.

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