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Custom Trophies for the Perfect Award Ceremony

Reward Your Team with Custom Trophies and Make the Award Ceremony Even More Memorable

After a long year of reaching tough sales targets or performing well on the field, your team deserves the best quality trophies to mark their achievements. Recognising team effort and individuals’ excellence is a great way to build spirit in your organisation and encourage members to strive for their best. At Trophy & Medal Boutique, we provide custom-made trophies to help make your award ceremony even more perfect.

Our quality and stylish trophies are classy and beautiful. Since 1989, we have been working towards growing our sector and providing affordable customised trophies and awards to businesses, schools, clubs and other organisations. Today, we are a proud leader in our industry, taking the sector forward in state-of-the-art innovation and cutting-edge advancement.

Aside from providing customised trophies, we also offer custom ordered awards, promotional items, lapel badges and medals. These are only a few of the many different products available in our catalogue. Our dynamic team of seasoned professionals is able to provide you with the products and solutions that you need, at the very best rates available.

Take Your Award Ceremony to the Next Level with Custom Trophies

Trophy & Medal Boutique brings the capability, innovation, knowledge and skills to the market to accommodate our clients’ wide range of product and service demands. Our products have been exported to other regions in southern Africa, and even as far as the Middle East! We are able to guarantee our clients’ satisfaction, regardless of the size or scope of the request.

Our goals have always been to maintain a healthy and mutually beneficial partnership with our clients, our employees and our communities, as well as the environment. Throughout the years, we have built up an impressive portfolio of retail and wholesale clients who have come to depend on us to keep their stock levels up and to provide their customers with affordable and custom trophies.

Benefit from our decades of experience in the industry and let us help you access excellent quality medals, awards and trophies. Now you can pull off the perfect award ceremony with quality and beautiful custom-produced trophies. We are happy to provide you with our catalogue of products for you to peruse at your leisure, and to offer you the great quality and tailored solutions that you need for your organisation, business, sports team or group.