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Custom Trophy Engraving Services

Crisply Creative Custom Trophy Engraving

Are you in the market for a custom trophy or a custom engraving? Combined to perfection, but without paying a fortune to meet your specifications or compromising on quality or professional and timely service in favour of a price advantage?

If you answer “yes” to any or all of these options, which are offered at Trophy & Medal Boutique, we suggest that you get in touch with us to discuss your requirements for a unique, custom engraving.

A Few Famous Trophies and Engravings

Three of the world’s most iconic, famous custom trophies are the following:

  • The Wimbledon Men’s Singles Finals Winner’s Cup: A grand floating cup, which is only engraved to include the winner’s name once the match is concluded, which may take many hours, the longest on record being 2010’s monumental tussle between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut. Isner won, after 11 hours and 5 minutes of play in the longest professional tennis match of all time. Throughout the match, a master engraver had to be present to record the winner’s name on the gleaming trophy, since no one had any idea who it would be or when the contest would finish.
  • The Webb Ellis Cup: Another floating cup, awarded to the winning international world rugby champions every four years when the contest is hosted in a different rugby-playing country. South Africa is the current holder of the Cup, named in honour of William Webb Ellis, thought to be the inventor of this game. Since this trophy is also presented on the same day that the final match takes place, an engraver must also be present at the stadium to immortalise the winning team’s name prior to presentation.
  • F1 Grand Prix Races: Although teams participate, a custom trophy is presented to the winning driver, with smaller replicas awarded to the drivers that finish second and third. The methods used to record information on these awards vary, depending on the materials of which the items are manufactured.

Precise Modern Techniques

Before the invention and advent of modern computerised equipment, which delivers perfect, crisp images, and precise logos, designs and texts, all engraving was done purely by hand. Nowadays, we utilise laser, rotary, and subsurface techniques, depending on the material of which the item is made and the required effect.

Kindly note that the process is more complex and time-consuming when applied to fragile, delicate substances like glass and crystal, which are brittle and more prone to being damaged when engraving takes place.

Clients should also ensure that they supply us with exact specifications and correctly spelt text and names, which are to be engraved on custom trophies, because once completed, names, dates, logos, and other recorded information is permanent, which also just happens to be an advantage of this technique, as accomplished expertly at our Boutique.