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Difference between Medals and Trophies

The Difference between Medals and Trophies

Picture this: you have an event coming up and, at the end of it, you will need to hand out the much-anticipated awards. You peruse Trophy & Medal Boutique and you come across a slight problem – there are so many options! How will you choose? And what is the difference between medals and trophies in the first place? Perhaps it would be best to find out before making a decision.

What is a Trophy?

Trophies are seen as the more traditional symbols of accomplishment. They usually come in the form of a cup, statuette, or shield (all of which are available at Trophy & Medal Boutique). They also tend to be presented mainly to winners, as there are not usually participation trophies (that category is reserved for medals).

In sports, trophies are presented to a winning team. A trophy is easier to engrave when it comes to a larger group of people, as there is more surface area available to do so.

We offer a large range of trophies that are elegantly designed and unique to your requirements.

What is a Medal?

A medal is a stamped or engraved metal disc and is often worn around the neck. Since the Olympic Games have been on most people’s radars recently, you might have noticed that the individual athletes were presented with medals (gold, silver, or bronze, respectively). This is a celebrated tradition in sporting events. Teams receive trophies while individuals are presented with medals instead.

Medals are also closely associated with the military and are used to decorate the bravest or most honourable soldiers. They can represent rank, as a General will be more highly decorated than a foot soldier, for example.

Medals come in all shapes and sizes, so you can really get creative with your choices. We offer a large range of medals, all manufactured according to your requirements.

When to Use What

While those aforementioned uses of medals and trophies represent their traditional uses, they are by no means a rule. It is actually entirely up to you. They both symbolise honour, celebration, and accolades and can both be used to recognise achievements.

Both medals and trophies are tangible and lasting reminders of someone’s accomplishments. Every time the lucky winner looks at their awards, they can feel proud and elated with what they have achieved.

No matter what you decide on, we here at Trophy & Medal Boutique are always happy to assist you. Why not contact us today and get some expert advice or request a free quote for expertly crafted medals and trophies.