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Laser Engraving And The Benefits To Businesses Today

Originally engraving was done by using a printing plate into which a printing pattern was made. As such it is not a modern process, but the technology used today has made the process easier and more cost effective, allowing for larger format engraving to be done.

Old Art and Print Form

Some of the older forms included wood engraves especially during the 1600’s. The most popular type of material used was that of copper up to the 1800s. Copper was the preferred material because it was soft and couldn’t rust. The downside was that since it was such a soft material the lines became less visible with time. Steel would replace it as the preferred material allowing for finer detail and longer lasting prints.

Laser Engraving

In modern day, a laser engraving machine is used to do the work. It allows more accurate images and because it is an abrasion free method, it provides clean edging and exceptional detail, not possible with more conventional engrave methods.

The laser technique holds several benefits including that of speed. As such more products can be engraved in a shorter period without the loss of quality. The machines are easy to operate and are safe as long as instructions are followed. The process also involves a graphic design done on a computer, with the image then sent to the machine for perfect engraves every single time. The process is thus also more controllable than conventional methods.

In modern day, such engraving can be done on medals, belt buckles, various types of trophies and plates, promotional items such as keyrings and pens in addition to award plaques. It is cheaper than the traditional forms and such enable smaller companies to get the same high standard of work done on their items as previously only possible when having a large budget.

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