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Engraving Your Gold Medals

There’s nothing more rewarding than having your name engraved on a gold medal. It’s a great way to show what you have accomplished, and it is something that can be put on display in your home. In order to have your medal engraved you need to make use of a professional engraver with experience in a variety of surfaces.

Gold medals are generally used to acknowledge a winner in a particular sport or competition. These items are very popular and are synonymous with victory and pride. If you win a medal you appreciate the detail that has been engraved onto it, which is why professional engraving is so important. Many businesses and sporting organisations make use of professional engraving services to personalise their medals and trophies, which are usually made from gold or other type of metal. Metal engraving is usually done using a laser tool as this provides a very effective and visually stunning end-result.

Engraving can be done on other materials too, but there are certain ones you should avoid, such as certain plastics. They tend to melt when they come in contact with the laser points, so they are not a very reliable surface to engrave on. Glass products make use of sandblasting, as it tends to crack when engraved.

Regardless of the type of sport you participate in, a medal is always something that is appreciated and used as a symbol of victory. People often take the medals they have won to an engraver, so that their names can be added or additional information such as a date or event location. Trophies usually make use of name plates, where a new name is added every time the trophy is passed on to someone else.

Trophy & Medal Boutique specialises in trophies, medals and promotional items and provides high quality engraving on gold medals for various businesses and events. We have been in business since 1989 and have grown to be one of the leading trophy and medal suppliers in South Africa.

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