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Glass Engraving

The Uniqueness of Glass Engraving

Glass is so versatile. Whether in the form of your very own drinking glassware or as a fancy trophy, it always looks unique and beautiful. But, you know what can make it even more unique? Engraving it.

Yes, that’s right! That beer glass you’re thinking of gifting to your dad can actually be engraved with the logo of the rugby team he so loves. That trophy you want to present to your hard-working employee can showcase writing specifying the achievement. Nothing says custom-made quite like an engraved piece.

What’s Great about Glass Engraving

There are quite a few benefits to this wonderful technique, so you can put any worries you may have to bed. When done with a laser (as opposed to sandblasting), it can be very fast and also precise. This means that even your most intricate designs and patterns can be done with almost no effort. Laser engraving also has the added benefit of consistency as a design will be saved to a computer. The lack of contact also means that your glass is less likely to break or get smudged. It can be quite affordable to have done, so you won’t have to break the bank when it comes to your sweet gift idea.

It is a quick and efficient technique, whether it is done with a laser or by sandblasting. So, you can save yourself time, money, and stress if you choose glass engraving. This is especially true if you decide to come to Trophy & Medal Boutique, as we were founded in 1989, meaning we have decades of experience to present you with great workmanship.

Sandblasting or Laser for Glass Engraving?

When it comes to glass engraving, you can use a laser. However, sandblasting is more often suggested for etching materials like glass and crystal. This is because sandblasting produces high-quality etching results, no matter the condition of the glass. Whereas laser cutting can produce sharp or rough edges and can result in lesser quality engraving.

Now, since sandblasting does require more manual labour than a laser would, the cost is slightly higher. However, we think the result makes it more than worthwhile. You want to only receive and present the highest quality products, so we only want to give you the highest quality techniques.

If ever you need your glassware engraved, consider using our services. Trophy & Medal Boutique is a leading manufacturer of quality items and glass engraving, with an impressive portfolio to boot. We have state-of-the-art equipment, which allows us to give you premium products and competitive prices. If this all sounds like the best deal ever, contact us today for a quote.