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Glass Sandblasting

Glass Sandblasting For Added Attractiveness

Glass is a tremendously versatile medium to work with. In the hands of a skilled glassblower molten glass to be transformed into objects that are not only attractive, but also utilitarian in value. Glass has also been used as a medium for awards for decades, both because of its beauty and because it can be teased into a myriad of forms that can make each award unique. Today awards manufactured from many different types of glass are awarded to sports teams and individuals in the corporate world every day. These awards often take pride of place on many mantle places around the world. Some companies and sporting bodies are continually searching for ways to make their awards stand out from the crowd and many have turned to glass sandblasting to turn the mundane glass award into something that the recipient will treasure for many years.

Glass sandblasting uses a high powered jet of sand or similar material made of small hardwearing globules that can actually score the glass with a shape or inscription of the purchasers choosing. Many interesting designs can be achieved by using glass sandblasting and in many instances the company or sports body that is ordering the awards cans specify what sort of design they would like etched onto the glass award.

These designs make each award into an instant classic; they are usually one of a kind and will be treasured by those who receive them. The attractiveness of glass sandblasting comes in part because of the contrasting texture of the finished glass and the part of the award that has been sandblasted. When requesting a glass award that features glass sandblasting always ask the manufacturer about the various finishes that can be achieved through glass sandblasting.

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