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Glass Sandblasting

Engraving with Glass Sandblasting

People have so many ways of recognising great service, memorable events and wonderful achievements, and at these occasions and events they normally look for some kind of physical ornament, gift or trophy to give to the person/s involved.  They want to show appreciation and want to give the receiver of the award something as a token of recognition of their outstanding contribution. Often it is difficult to find something that is suited to the particular celebration, and the one thing that will always stand out above other awards is glass.  Nothing spells class and success better than a well-placed, sparkly and stylish glass award.  It lends glamour to any mantelpiece, panache to every office, and elegance to any trophy cupboard.

Of course it is also necessary to know what the award was for, and for this reason it has to be engraved.  Glass is notoriously difficult to engrave, and very few people are able to engrave successfully by hand.  Glass sandblasting makes engraving easy and it can also be applied to create logos, graphics or other messages on glass.

Glass sandblasting involves the use of a specialised machine with very narrow, adapted nozzle which sprays extremely fine sand at high pressure against a glass surface, and abrades to it the point of leaving an indentation or effect.  Using this method enables engravers to create beautiful graphics and fine fonts on otherwise delicate pieces of glass.  It is also much less likely to damage the glass object; even fine crystal and wine glasses can be engraved using glass sandblasting!

If you have a stylish piece of glass, trophy or award that you need to have engraved, sandblasting is the best method to choose.  At Trophy & Medal Boutique we have a team of experts who know a lot of about this specialised craft and will engrave your glass beautifully!  Contact us today for quality glass trophies and excellent engraving!