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Glass Sandblasting

Choose Glass Sandblasting for the Perfect Finish

Sandblasting Crystal Awards and Trophies is the perfect way to ensure your trophy is beautiful and functional. The abrasive engraving processes such as deep etching or sand blasting can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces such as stone, wood, ceramics

Crystal for trophies can be cut into countless shapes: straight pillars, tapered towers, faceted gems, flames, circles, obelisks and even icebergs. Crystal awards and trophies are then manufactured by using the cut or moulded crystal shape and a number of other components. Additionally glass sandblasting can be used alongside the design to incorporate detail and information such as the awards name and sponsor in to the trophies.

Not only crystal is the choice medium for corporate awards, but it has been gaining popularity as the perfect material for sports trophies. Top sports clubs and organisations choose crystal trophies over metal or plastic designs as they are beautiful and practical. Many of our crystal sports trophies are designed with plenty of space for glass sandblasting to allow text and logos to be engraved as well as the names and dates of the winners and winning teams. Logos and seals look especially attractive when sandblasted onto crystal.

Once the crystal trophy design is finalised and the glass sandblasting design has been approved, a special stencil is created. The film stencil is secured with a special adhesive to an award surface. Sand-blasting is a procedure where abrasive sand is applied to a stencilled surface at a very high pressure. When the stencil is removed, the areas affected by the sand abrasive appear frosted and grooved while the rest of the crystal award removes smooth. The contrast of frosted and clear surfaces captures the design clearly. Crystal trophies are valued for their brilliance, weight, clarity, precision and timeless beauty and glass sandblasting complements this perfectly.

Crystal makes the ideal material suited for glass sandblasting. Whatever the nature of your corporate award project, you can be rest assured that the etched awards and trophies made of crystal will be received with great enthusiasm, treasured and cherished for many years to come.