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Glass Sandblasting And Its Uses

What Is Glass Sandblasting and What Is It Used For?

Imprinting images on glass have been used for a long time. In olden times, rather primitive tools were used to scrape the surface of glass to create images. These were particularly popular in royal circles where the family crest was often embedded and displayed on glasses and decanters.

In modern times, however, the methods and technology have improved, so sandblasting is used instead. The type of image and the variation in the roughness of the surface is determined by the type of sand or material used. Different types of coarseness produce varying looks and luxurious textures. The depth of the image is determined by the type and size of sand grains used to create the image. With modern technology, it is possible for one image to contain many different textures, which provides a richness in depth and detail that can only be achieved by professional sandblasting.

The Process of Sandblasting

In short, glass sandblasting is the process of scarring or corroding the glass surface with the use of different types of sand or grains. Very fine sand will provide a fine surface with a milky appearance, and other types of grains will cause deeper grooves that ingrain images into an otherwise shiny surface. Modern equipment is used in order to pressurise grains of sand of different sizes and textures into a continuous stream. These grains are then propelled onto the glass surface in order to etch an image, logo, picture, or message into the object.

The etching process is not only limited to sand, but other materials can be introduced to produce different effects. Sometimes, synthetic particles or even organic particles, such as coconut shell, are used to etch an image into the object. The surface is corroded in different shapes and depths to create imaginative etchings. These may include logos, text, or other effects. The surface of the object that has to remain shiny and unaffected by sandblasting is often covered by a protective stencil or tape to prevent the surface from being corroded and spoiling the clarity of the image. These materials have to withstand the high velocity of the sandblasting in order for the glass around the image to remain clear.

Technology is used to scan, design, and store images, and then the sandblasting is carried out according to the program on the computer. This means that virtually any text or image can be used for glass etching with stunning effect.

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