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Glass Sandblasting & Engraving

Your Questions Answered About Glass Sandblasting Engraving

Everyone loves receiving gifts, especially in the corporate world. As fickle as it may sound, gifting corporate gifts to your valued clients, suppliers, and high-performing sales executives pays off. Everyone wants to feel valued and respected, and corporate gift giving shows appreciation and encourages healthy business relationships. Whether you are thanking, congratulating, or awarding a milestone, there is no better gift than engraved crystal.

As a South African-based company specialising in the design, manufacture, distribution, and engraving of trophies, medals, plaques, and glass and crystal ware for recognition, motivation, and excellence, we often get clients inquiring about sandblasting and whether it is best for crystal ware or not. Below, we have answered your questions.

What is Sandblasting?

It is an age-old method of branding images on glass. Also known as etching, it is the act of spraying a surface with small abrasive sand particles at a very high speed. Sand is naturally abrasive, and when combined with fast-moving air, it wears the surface. Besides creating a frosting effect, this powerful engraving method can remove layers, as well as oxidation and corrosion from a metal surface.

What Materials Are Best for Sandblasting?

As the name suggests, glass and crystal are the best materials for this method of engraving. Whereas laser cutting is a widely used method of engraving, it is best for use on metal, acrylic, and wood. When laser engraving is applied to glass or crystal, it creates poor contrast with sharp shards of glass that can leave a rough surface to touch. But with sandblasting, you get excellent results, regardless of the glass or crystal quality.

What Are the Benefits of Sandblasting?

As mentioned above, the greatest benefit of this engraving method is the smooth, even cut it provides. Offering greater flexibility, this popular method gives you the freedom to be as creative as you like with the design. It also allows for considerable intricacy of design and various colours, adding a high-quality appearance. Because each product is created by hand, this method creates one-of-a-kind awards that will not chip or fade with time.

Is Sandblasting Cheaper than Laser Cutting?

Unlike laser engraving, sandblasting is done by hand, which makes it labour intensive. As a result, the cost of engraving is slightly higher than laser cutting. But crystal and glass are high-end products, and quality products deserve quality engraving. Not only is it a far more spectacular method for glass and crystal, but it is the prescribed method.