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Glass Trophies and Variations

Buy Variations of Tailor-Made Glass Trophies

At Trophy & Medal Boutique, we have spent decades learning about the needs that our clients face. After many years, we continue to refine our service and product offering to meet these demands. While we do sell stock metal and glass trophies, we also sell many variations of other designs. Oftentimes, stock trophies just won’t do, so our clients require a custom glass trophy design.

In this instance, we are more than happy to design and manufacture trophies that are tailored to your specific needs. Bringing many years of expertise to the industry, we use the very latest and most innovative technology in the design and manufacturing of our products. This ensures that you enjoy exceptional quality and great value, and that you can rest assured knowing that you will receive beautifully-customised trophies for your sports team, employees or colleagues.

Work with the Best Glass Trophy Manufacturer on the Market

With a history dating back to the 1980s, we have a long and established reputation in the industry as a leader in creative awards, promotional gifts, branding and signage. Our products and services are aimed at companies and individuals who want to access quality products without breaking the bank. Utilising our capabilities, knowledge, skills and resources, we are able to accommodate a wide range of products and services, which are acknowledged as the industry standard in the southern and central African regions.

Throughout the years, we have built up an impressive portfolio of retail and wholesale clients, some as far away as the Middle East. Our passion for creating innovative and beautiful products is clearly evident in all that we do. Aside from providing huge variations of glass trophies, we also specialise in many other products and solutions, including:

  • Custom and stock medals, plaques and shields.
  • Custom and stock lapel pins.
  • Name badges.
  • School badges.
  • Sublimation and heat transfer printing.
  • Sandblasting and digital printing.

We harness our large buying power in order to keep our products competitively priced. This also ensures that our clients never pay more than they need to for the best trophy and award solutions available on the market.

Let us use our many years of experience to your benefit. Speak to our team of sales professionals to learn more about our extensive range of quality glass trophies, and for more information on all our other products as well. We are ready to help you make the best purchasing decision for your needs.