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Glass Trophies & More

Glass Trophies and More – Available at Trophy & Medal Boutique

In the competitive world that we live in, it’s difficult to imagine awards, prizes and recognition not being part of our lives. Whether you are working towards an achievement in the corporate world, at university or school, chances are high that you are doing it for the recognition, just as much as you are doing it for the step up that it can give you in your career, passion or studies. Of course, if you are in charge of arranging the awards, you will want to have access to a range of trophies and more. In recent times, a trend towards glass trophies has definitely been seen, but this hasn’t decreased the popularity of other types of trophies, medals and awards.

What are the Benefits of Glass Trophies?

If you have wondered what makes glass trophies so popular, we would love to share some of the benefits with you. First and foremost, nothing can quite compare to the clear, gleaming, aesthetic appeal of a glass trophy. Unlike wooden and metal trophies, glass trophies won’t tarnish or become victims to mould, insects or rot. Another great benefit is that these trophies are easy to clean.

How to Maintain and Clean Glass Trophies

Whether you are presenting glass trophies or receiving them, you can really benefit from knowing how to maintain and clean the trophy, so that it never loses its lustre. A soft, dry rag can be used to clean surface dust from the trophy and its base. T-shirt material is great for this. Use a gentle detergent diluted in water to clean the trophy. Moisten the rag first and then rub the trophy clean. A detergent designed for glass is best, perhaps try Windolene or something similar. In fact, Windolene can also be used to clean metal trophies. You can also mix a half a cup of white vinegar in a 750ml spray bottle of water and use this as an effective, streak-free cleaner.

Order Your Glass Trophies from Trophy & Medal Boutique

If you are looking for a top range of glass trophies to choose from, we would love to present our catalogue to you. We can also provide you with professional and accurate engraving for your glass trophies.

Want to learn more? Waste no more time shopping around, when we already have the best options ready and waiting for you! Get in touch with us via email or telephone at Trophy & Medal Boutique today.