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Gold Medals

Recognise A True Winner With The Presentation Of Timeless Gold Medals

There can be no metal that has featured more often in stories of daring and heroism than gold. The metal is the mainstay of tales which kept us riveted as children, of pirates in secluded coves burying chests of precious coins for retrieval when the Royal Navy has been given the slip. Aside from tales of one legged buccaneers, gold has been recognised as one of the noble metals, sink it below the waves for centuries, bury it in mud to lie hidden for centuries and when finally it sees the light of day once again it will be as pristine as the day it sank below the Earth. For this reason gold has been seen as a symbol of purity and strength for millennia and the reason we present our top performers with gold medals.

Gold medals such as those presented at the Olympic Games cannot usually be simply chosen from a line up on a shelf; they must be specially minted and cared for if the soft ultra high carat metal is not to suffer from being handled. Very few gold medals are made from perfect 24 carat gold which is soft enough to be harmed by rough handling, in fact apply too much pressure to 24 carat gold and you’ll likely leave a fingerprint or two embossed on its surface.

High quality gold medals are therefore usually manufactured from gold which has been adulterated with another medal to make it more resistant to wear. In fact many of the gold coins retrieved from shipwrecks and other architectural sites are usually worth more because of their historical value rather than their gold content which was watered down over the centuries.

That said gold medals are the ultimate recognition of outstanding performance and should you choose to present one to a deserving party it is almost guaranteed that it will be a treasured piece of memorabilia for many years to come.

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