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Kids Love Cup Trophies

Kids Love Cup Trophies

Have you seen the look on a child’s face when they are presented with a cup trophy for winning a competition or performing well? The look is usually one of delight, pride, and confidence. Cup trophies have a long history – in ancient times, the winners of competitions, battles, or races were traditionally given money, which is where the medal comes from. Cup trophies, though, come from awarding the winner with a cup of olive oil to acknowledgement the winner. Other types of trophies included the use of silver plates, wreaths, and pillar trophies, all of which are quite typical of Greek and Roman values at the time. For children today, cup trophies remain at the top of the list, and the bigger the cup, the bigger the smile!

Today the awarding of trophies to children is often debated. Some people feel that nowadays, kids are rewarded for merely showing up, and they not required to do anything special to deserve their trophies. Although this may be true in some cases, and could lead to a sense of entitlement and the impression that they do not have to work to receive something like an award, other people feel that today’s kids should be cut some slack. They live in an unforgiving world, and any acknowledgement that they can provide, even if it is just for participation, is worth giving to boost the confidence and self-esteem of the child.

In many places it is considered a great contribution when kids attend team or individual sport practicing days over a period of time, and that they should be awarded for it, even if they do not win any competitions along the way. This school of thought holds that the commitment of the child should be rewarded, because they diligently attended practices, even though they did not achieve the results they were working towards.

Whatever your take on the issue might be, you simply have to acknowledge that rewarding children with cup and pillar trophies give them a lot of delight and pride. Kids who are rewarded feel better about themselves and their abilities. They become more confident and as a result, they show more tenacity when it comes to challenges that they may find hard to deal with.

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