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Lapel Badges & Designs

Designing Your Lapel Badges

Lapel badges are a great way to reward prestigious behaviour and achievements. They allow you to carry your achievement wherever you go, without being overbearing. At Trophy and Medal Boutique, we take great pride in creating top-quality lapel badges at affordable prices. Lapel pins are most popular in schools, and many schools use them to reward students with academic, sports, artistic, or leadership merit. Designing the perfect lapel badge can be just as memorable and rewarding as receiving and wearing it. That is why we have compiled a list of things to consider when you are designing your custom badges for your students.

The Colour Scheme

At Trophy and Medal Boutique, all lapel badges are made to fit the customers’ requirements. Before placing your order, take time to consider any specific colours you may want to be represented in your lapel badge. Many schools chose specific colours that represent their school or the faculty that the achievement falls under. Ask the students what they would prefer too and get them involved in the process. This is a great way to ensure that they feel proud of what they have done and created.

The Imagery and Symbolism

By creating custom badges, you are designing not only something that will honour the student and their achievements, but something that will reflect the school. Take a moment to think of the design and whether or not you would like to add anything specific that will represent the school. Some clients decide to opt for a school emblem, where others keep it simple and choose to focus on the students’ name or the achievement.

Choose the Right Size

Students wear their badges every day, so it is important that you choose a size that will complement the school uniform. Consider where you would like it to be placed on the uniform and how it will look. This will help you navigate the sizing. At Trophy and Medal Boutique, we make each badge as if it is one of a kind and put great effort into creating a piece that anyone would be proud to wear.

If you have any questions regarding creating the right lapel badge, or you would like some inspiration, feel free to browse through our options on our website to help you get started. Alternatively, give us a call and ask away – we would love to help!