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Laser Cutting

Modern Laser Cutting is a Trophy’s Final Finish

When you’re making a sports or other trophy, it’s guaranteed to demand some precision cutting. Even before we talk about engraving and other final finishes, laser cutting machines will do the exacting work of preparing the materials to precise dimensions. You might be wondering what the difference is between a laser cutter and a laser engraver? Well, it’s the application that differs, as the same laser technology is used, usually in the form of the same tool that can both cut and engrave.

Laser cutting has found huge mainstream application in industry, exactly because of its precision and speed. When crisp, prompt results count, this is the preferred method. The reason laser cutting has found such widespread application in engraving is that nowhere does crisp, prompt results count more than when lasers are applied to engraving. Laser cutting and engraving produces the most concise and attractive final finish on medals, jewellery, trophies and objets d’art. It’s also a relatively hands-off technique, which means less chance of damage in the process of cutting and engraving a valued item.


Engraving Works on a Host of Materials

Although engraved glass probably looks the most beguiling and naturally attractive, a great many other materials can be cut and engraved with a laser engraver, such as wood, of course, steel and alloys, acrylic, stone, marble, plastics, leather and even textiles. That old guy with trembling hands at the country fair might still be found at the next country fair, holding a small buzzing tool in his hand, engraving items for passers-by. That’s fun, but when exacting standards are in play, and results need to be supremely professional and flawless, laser cutting and engraving come into their own.

As to how this method works, it sounds like a rather technical process, although it’s very similar to how dot matrix printers (and modern printers) work. Of course, a laser cutter is burning out material through a thermal separation operation, rather than depositing ink, but laser cutting works on the same principle. As the cutter moves across the material at a predetermined distance away, preset shapes (or geometries) are governing the process. In other words, lasers cuts when the pattern says “cut” and doesn’t when the picture or lettering desired says not to, all the while moving across the surface of the material being cut. Any straight edge can be precisely cut with a single motion. It just depends on whether you’re cutting something off or cutting out a more detailed graphic.


Trophy and Medal Boutique is Your Local Laser Cutter!

As experienced manufacturers of medals, plaques, and trophies, Trophy and Medal Boutique know the ins and outs of laser cutting. When you need precision cutting of jewellery or other items, or if you need us to make a series of awards or even a single trophy that needs to be made to exact measurements, we’re your first port of call.

Call us or view us online to get a glimpse of the many laser cutting processes we apply every day, and let us make the smartest, neatest and most exact cut for you when precision cutting counts.